Shine Celebration Edition

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Reaching a new milestone calls for a celebration, the all new Shine Celebration edition is here. One crore happy family members are now an integral part of Shine. Styled with elegant gold stripes that make it stand out from the rest, it is sure to make heads turn. Powered with the next-gen technology, it offers a comfortable ride and greatly reduces emissions for a better tomorrow.

Comfort. Technology. Feeling.

Shine Celebration Edition Drum₹ 81572/-
Shine Celebration Edition Disc₹ 85572/-

* Prices are subject to change without any prior notice.




Planet Honda - Shine BS6 Dc_headlamp
DC headlamp

The DC Headlamp gives consistent illumination while riding.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 125cc-HETBS-VI-Engine
Celebration Edition Badge on Fuel Tank

The badge of celebration on the fuel tank is a constant reminder that we thank our customers for helping us achieve the 1 crore happy families milestone.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 More_ground_clearance_&wheelbase
More ground clearance & wheelbase

5 mm More Ground Clearance* gives immense confidence to pass through rough roads and potholes with ease. Stability on high speed is greatly enhanced with 19 mm increased wheelbase*

Planet Honda - Shine-BS6-Allnew_meterdesign
All New Meter Design

The new meter design adds required freshness without disturbing the simplicity and sophistication of the new Shine. It also includes the side stand indicator with engine cut off that add to the safety of the rider, indicating when the stand is down

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 Bold_front_visor
Bold front visor

The front visor is designed with a speck of gold to enhance the exclusivity of this edition and bring out its style.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 Silent_startwith_acg
Silent start with ACG

Honda's unique ACG starter removes gear meshing noise and helps start the engine without a jolt.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 5-SPEED_TRANSMISSION
5-Speed Transmission

Enjoy a smooth and comfortable riding experience with 5-Speed Transmission.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 Engine_startstopswitch
Engine start/stop switch

Start and stop your bike with just the flick of a switch anytime, anywhere. Enjoy enhanced convenience.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 IntegratedHeadlamp_Beam&_PassingSwitch
Integrated Headlamp Beam & Passing Switch

Smart Single Switch for passing signal and low/high beams

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 14percent-more-milage

A completely new engine powered by Honda's globally acclaimed eSP technology delivers 14%^ more mileage.
*Mileage has increased by 14% for Shine as compared to CB Shine BS IV.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 3plus3_yearswarranty_package
3+3 years warranty package

Get complete peace of mind with 6 years warranty package, comprising of 3 years standard and 3 years optional service warranty.

Planet Honda -  Shine-BS6-5-stepadjustable_suspension
5-step adjustable suspension

Makes your ride comfortable with 5-Step Adjustable Rear Suspension on all road conditions.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 All_new_aerotype_fuelcap
All new aero type fuel cap

The Aero type fuel cap gives a clean & premium finish to the fuel tank design and adds to the practicality of the new Shine.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 CBSwith_equalizer
CBS with equalizer

The Combi-Brake System with Equalizer reduces braking distance, so you can ride with confidence.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 eSP-TECHNOLOGY

With Shine, expect nothing but the best. Honda's Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology maximizes performance and fuel-efficiency by reducing friction to give you the best riding experience.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 Friction_reduction
Friction reduction

The offset cylinder, roller rocker arm fitted with needle bearing reduces the frictional losses in the engine. The piston cooling jet improves the cooling efficiency and maintains optimum engine temperature.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 HET-TUBELESS-TYRE

Honda's low-rolling resistance tubeless tyre is specially designed to increase fuel-efficiency.Only rear tyre is HET.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 Moreseatingspace&_easy_ground_touch
Dark Brown Seat

This edition takes style and elegance to the next level with an exclusive brown seat.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 PGM-FI

PGM-FI system is a sensor based advance system which constantly ensures optimum fuel delivery to the engine resulting in efficient combustion that aids in consistent power output, higher mileage & lesser emissions.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 Premium_chrome_stroke_onsidecover
Premium Gold Stroke on Side Cover

The premium stroke of gold on the side cover gives Shine the exclusive celebratory look as it stands out from the crowd.

Planet Honda - Shine BS6 Seal_chain
Seal chain

Seal Chain is low on maintenance and high on durability for a hassle-free riding experience.

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