Hornet 2.0

About Vehicle

There are many people who just like to go with the flow. They drift with the wind. And then, there are some people who like just the opposite. They like to explore the upside-down, they want to test the rules of Physics for themselves. They like to race ahead and challenge the wind.

The all-new Honda Hornet 2.0 is all about letting people live their dream. The fierce machine keeps you ahead of others. It is a manifestation of style, safety and power. It turns heads and converts the road into a steady blur in seconds. It’s pure exhilaration at a flick of your wrist. Go ahead, fly against the wind.

Fly Against the Wind

HORNET 2.0 ₹ 138522/-
* Prices are subject to change without any prior notice.




Planet honda - Aggressive_Tank_Design

Own the street with the forward-leaning design and the bulky tank. They are a true expression of dominance and aggression.

Planet honda - LED_All_Around
LED All Around

See and be seen better with LED lights all around. Emphasize the street-fighter look with raging headlamp design. Add to your fierce style quotient with the X-shape tail lamp and the newly designed winkers.

Planet honda - Sporty_Split_Seat
Sporty Split Seat

The street-fighter has to look the part. Make sure there is no head left unturned with the sporty split seat.

Planet Honda - FullyDigital_Liquid_Crystal_Meter
Fully Digital, Liquid Crystal Meter

The perfectly positioned meter lets you know exactly how fast you’re going as you assert your dominance. Be it night or day, see your info clearly with the 5-level Illumination Control on the crystal meter. Also, with the Gear Position Indicator, Battery Voltmeter and Service Due Indicator, stay above the rest.

Planet honda - Golden_Upside_Down_Front_fork

Dominate the racing scene with the first-in-segment golden upside-down suspension. Handle those bumps with ease with the superior & advanced suspension.

Planet Honda - Mono_Shock_Rear_Suspension
Mono Shock Rear Suspension

Be sure to maintain your centre of gravity as you fly faster than others. The mono shock suspension helps increase stability and gives superior handling as well.

Planet Honda - Torque_Full_New_HET_Engine
Torque Full, New HET Engine

Every engine Honda makes is a masterpiece that goes through rigorous tests. The all-new Honda Hornet 2.0 is equipped with a HET engine that produces fierce power. With the best-in-class mid-range torque*, leave everyone behind while the BSVI engine makes sure that you remain eco-friendly as you fly against the wind.

Planet Honda - Stress_Free_Riding_Posture
Stress Free Riding Posture

Ride without stress as Honda Hornet 2.0 is where high-performance and stress-free riding come together. The comfortable riding posture is ideal for both street and the highway.

planet honda - Superior_Aerodynamics
Superior Aerodynamics

The contours of the bike makes sure that when a rider takes up the riding position, they get the least resistance. Achieve superior aerodynamism with the specialised shapes of shrouds & air passages.

Planet honda - Key_On_Tank
Key On Tank

It is a convenience enjoyed by the top bikes. So we thought, why not have it on the Honda Hornet 2.0?

Planet Honda - Engine_Stop_Switch
Engine Stop Switch

Now turn off the engine at red lights and other brief stops more conveniently without having to turn the key.

Planet Honda - 1Channel_Front_ABS
1 Channel, Front ABS

Braking is an integral part of biking. The ABS gives you better control as you brake, especially on slippery surfaces. By preventing the wheel from locking, it keeps you safe as you continue to fly against the wind.

Planet Honda - 140mm_Wide_Rear_Tyre
140 mm Wide Rear Tyre

Get a grip as you zoom past others. The wide rear tyre provides a superior road grip and handling which instils immense confidence in the rider to take on any challenge with ease.

Planet honda - Dual_Petal_Disc_Brakes
Dual, Petal Disc Brakes

Get the utmost sense of control as you flirt with the wind. Because, with more power, comes the need to control it. Petal shape discs help dissipate heat and maintain braking efficiency.

Planet honda - Hazard_Switch
Hazard Switch

The flashing indicator lights are an important safety feature for emergency stops & for low visibility conditions. Whatever the condition may be, be seen and keep turning heads.

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